Hulk-smash links out of existence in your server.

  • Usage: !antilinks

  • Restricted to: MOD

  • Aliases: nolinks, nolink, antilink, and alset

  • Checks: server_only

Configuration options.

  • Usage: !antilinks channel [channel=None]

  • Aliases: chan

Set the message transfer channel. Leave the channel blank to turn it off.

  • Usage: !antilinks whitelist

Whitelist options.

  • Usage: !antilinks whitelist user <add_or_remove> [members=None]

Add or remove users from the whitelist.

antilinks whitelist user list

  • Usage: !antilinks whitelist user list

List whitelisted users.

  • Usage: !antilinks whitelist role <add_or_remove> [roles=None]

Add or remove roles from the whitelist.

antilinks whitelist role list

  • Usage: !antilinks whitelist role list

  • Aliases: view

List whitelisted roles.

  • Usage: !antilinks watch <add_or_remove> [channels=None]

Add/remove/list channels to watch. - If added, links will be removed in these channels.

  • Usage: !antilinks watch list

List the channels being watched.

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