Time Channels

Allocate a Discord voice channel to show the time in specific timezones. Updates every hour.


  • Usage: !timezones

  • Checks: server_only

See the time in all the configured timezones for this server.


  • Usage: !timechannelset

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

  • Aliases: tcset

Manage channels which will show the time for a timezone.

timechannelset short

  • Usage: !timechannelset short <timezone>

Get the short identifier for the main create command. The list of acceptable timezones is here (the "TZ database name" column): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones#List There is a fuzzy search, so you shouldn't need to enter the region. Please look at !help tcset create for more information. Examples: - !tcset short New York - !tcset short UTC - !tcset short London - !tcset short Europe/London

timechannelset remove

  • Usage: !timechannelset remove <channel>

Delete and stop updating a channel. For the argument, you can use its ID or mention (type #!channelname) Example: - !tcset remove #!channelname (the ! is how to mention voice channels) - !tcset remove 834146070094282843

timechannelset create

  • Usage: !timechannelset create <string>

Set up a time channel in this server.

If you move the channel into a category

click 'Keep Current Permissions'

in the sync permissions dialogue.

How to use this command: First, use the !tcset short <long_tz> to get the short identifier for the timezone of your choice. Once you've got a short identifier from tcset short, you can use it in this command. Simply put curly brackets, { and } around it, and it will be replaced with the time. For example, running !tcset short new york gives a short identifier of fv. This can then be used like so: !tcset create 🕑️ New York: {fv}. You could also use two in one, for example !tcset create UK: {ni} FR: {nr} The default is 12 hour time, but you can use {shortid-24h} for 24 hour time, eg {ni-24h} More Examples: - !tcset create 🕑️ New York: {fv} - !tcset create 🌐 UTC: {qw} - !tcset create {ni-24h} in London - !tcset create US Pacific: {qv-24h}

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