Detect and stop automated users trying to infiltrate your community!


  • Usage: !captcha

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

  • Cooldown: 3 per 10.0 seconds

  • Checks: server_only

Manage Captcha settings.

captcha tries

  • Usage: !captcha tries <amount>

Configure the amount of tries needed for the captcha verification. (Defaults to 3 tries.)

captcha role

  • Usage: !captcha role [role]

Configure the role for captcha verification. Note: - Run the command without the role argument to clear the config.

captcha timeout

  • Usage: !captcha timeout <amount>

Configure the timeout for captcha verification. (Defaults to 120 seconds.)

captcha toggle

  • Usage: !captcha toggle <toggle>

Toggle the captcha verification system.

captcha channel

  • Usage: !captcha channel [channel]

Configure the captcha verification channel. Note: - Run the command without the channel argument to clear the config.

captcha settings

  • Usage: !captcha settings

  • Aliases: showsettings, show, and ss

View the captcha settings.

captcha message

  • Usage: !captcha message

Configure the after and before messages.

captcha message after

  • Usage: !captcha message after [message]

Configure the after captcha message.

captcha message before

  • Usage: !captcha message before [message]

Configure the before captcha message.

captcha reset

  • Usage: !captcha reset

  • Aliases: clear

Reset all the captcha settings back to default.

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