Set a reminder to bump on Disboard.


  • Usage: !bumpreminder

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

  • Aliases: bprm

  • Checks: server_only

Set a reminder to bump on Disboard. This sends a reminder to bump in a specified channel 2 hours after someone successfully bumps, thus making it more accurate than a repeating schedule.

bumpreminder message

  • Usage: !bumpreminder message [message]

Change the message used for reminders. Providing no message will reset to the default message.

bumpreminder channel

  • Usage: !bumpreminder channel [channel=None]

Set the channel to send bump reminders to. This also works as a toggle, so if no channel is provided, it will disable reminders for this server.

bumpreminder clean

  • Usage: !bumpreminder clean [true_or_false=None]

Toggle whether Sentri should keep the bump channel "clean." Sentri will remove all failed invoke messages by Disboard.

bumpreminder thankyou

  • Usage: !bumpreminder thankyou [message]

  • Aliases: ty

Change the message used for 'Thank You' messages. Providing no message will reset to the default message. The thank you message supports TagScript blocks which can customize the message and even add an embed! View the TagScript documentation here. Variables: {member} - The user who bumped {server} - This server Blocks: embed - Embed to be sent in the thank you message Examples: > !bprm ty Thanks {member} for bumping! You earned 10 brownie points from phen! > !bprm ty {embed(description):{member(mention)}, thank you for bumping! Make sure to vote for {server} on our voting page.}

bumpreminder pingrole

  • Usage: !bumpreminder pingrole [role=None]

Set a role to ping for bump reminders. If no role is provided, it will clear the current role.

bumpreminder lock

  • Usage: !bumpreminder lock [true_or_false=None]

Toggle whether the bot should automatically lock/unlock the bump channel.

bumpreminder settings

  • Usage: !bumpreminder settings

Show your Bump Reminder settings.

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