Create customizable forms and more using Discord interactions

discordmodals (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !discordmodals

  • Slash Usage: /discordmodals

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

  • Checks: server_only

Group of commands to use DiscordModals.

discordmodals add (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !discordmodals add <message> <argument>

  • Slash Usage: /discordmodals add <message> <argument>

  • Aliases: +

  • Checks: server_only

Add a Modal for a message. Use YAML syntax to set up everything. Example: !discordmodals add title: Report a bug button: label: Report emoji: ⚠️ style: 4 # blurple = 1, grey = 2, green = 3, red = 4 modal: - label: What is the problem? style: 2 # short = 1, paragraph = 2 required: True default: None placeholder: None min_length: None max_length: None channel: general # id, mention, name anonymous: False messages: error: Error! submit: Form submitted. pings: user1, user2, role1, role2 whitelist_roles: role1, role2 blacklist_roles: role3, role4 The emoji, style, required, default, placeholder, min_length, max_length, channel, anonymous, messages, pings, whitelist_roles and blacklist_roles are not required.

discordmodals remove (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !discordmodals remove <message>

  • Slash Usage: /discordmodals remove <message>

  • Aliases: -

  • Checks: server_only

Remove a Modal for a message.

discordmodals list (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !discordmodals list [message=None]

  • Slash Usage: /discordmodals list [message=None]

  • Checks: server_only

List all Modals of this server or display the settings for a specific one.

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