Prevent staff members from destroying what you've worked hard to build


  • Usage: !nonuke

  • Restricted to: GUILD_OWNER

  • Checks: server_only

Anti-Nuke System for lazy server owners! Monitors the following events: Kicks & Bans Channel Creation/Edit/Deletion Role Creation/Edit/Deletion Set a cooldown(in seconds) Set an overload count(X events in X seconds) Set an action(kick, ban, strip, notify) If a user or bot exceeds X mod events within X seconds, the set action will be performed

nonuke logchannel

  • Usage: !nonuke logchannel <channel>

Set the log channel for Anti-Nuke kicks

nonuke dm

  • Usage: !nonuke dm

Toggle whether the bot sends the user a DM when a kick or ban action is performed

nonuke enable

  • Usage: !nonuke enable

Enable/Disable the NoNuke system

nonuke view

  • Usage: !nonuke view

View the NoNuke settings

nonuke ignorebots

  • Usage: !nonuke ignorebots

Toggle whether other bots are ignored NOTE: Bot specific roles (the role created when the bot joins) cannot be removed. If NoNuke is set to strip roles, and a bot triggers it while having an integrated role, NoNuke will fail to remove the role from it.

nonuke whitelist

  • Usage: !nonuke whitelist <user>

Add/Remove users from the whitelist

nonuke overload

  • Usage: !nonuke overload <overload>

How many mod actions can be done within the set cooldown Mod actions include: Kicks & Bans Channel Creation/Edit/Deletion Role Creation/Edit/Deletion

nonuke action

  • Usage: !nonuke action <action>

Set the action for the bot to take when NoNuke is triggered Actions kick - kick the user ban - ban the user strip - strip all roles with permissions from user notify - just sends a report to the log channel

nonuke cooldown

  • Usage: !nonuke cooldown <cooldown>

Cooldown (in seconds) for NoNuke to trigger

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