Cloudflare Intelligence but via Discord


  • Usage: !intel

Cloudforce One packages the vital aspects of modern threat intelligence and operations to make organizations smarter, more responsive, and more secure. Learn more at

intel domainhistory

  • Usage: !intel domainhistory <domain>

Fetch and display category and domain history.

intel ip

  • Usage: !intel ip <ip>

Query intelligence on a public IP address.

intel asn

  • Usage: !intel asn <asn>

Fetch and display ASN intelligence from Cloudflare.

intel domain

  • Usage: !intel domain <domain>

Query Cloudflare API for domain intelligence.

intel subnets

  • Usage: !intel subnets <asn>

Fetch and display ASN subnets intelligence from Cloudflare.

intel whois

  • Usage: !intel whois <domain>

Query WHOIS information for a given domain.


  • Usage: !urlscanner

With Cloudflare’s URL Scanner, you have the ability to investigate the details of a domain, IP, URL, or ASN. Cloudflare’s URL Scanner is available in the Security Center of the Cloudflare dashboard, Cloudflare Radar and the Cloudflare API. Learn more at

urlscanner scan

  • Usage: !urlscanner scan <url>

Scan a URL using Cloudflare URL Scanner and return the verdict.

urlscanner create

  • Usage: !urlscanner create <url>

Start a new scan for the provided URL.

urlscanner screenshot

  • Usage: !urlscanner screenshot <scan_id>

Get the screenshot of a scan by its scan ID

  • Usage: !urlscanner search <query>

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

Search for URL scans by date and webpage requests.

urlscanner har

  • Usage: !urlscanner har <scan_id>

Fetch the HAR of a scan by the scan ID

urlscanner results

  • Usage: !urlscanner results <scan_id>

Get the result of a URL scan by its ID.

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