Freeloader Mode

Punish users that only join your server for goods/giveaways and then leave right after a certain point.


  • Usage: !freeloader

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

  • Aliases: fm and freeloadermode

  • Checks: server_only

Configuration options for freeloader mode.

freeloader on

  • Usage: !freeloader on [time=None]

  • Aliases: start

Toggle freeloader mode with an optional time to untoggle. To use this command properly please make sure you have set the action and time length.

freeloader settings

  • Usage: !freeloader settings

  • Aliases: showsettings and show

Show the current settings for freeloader mode.

freeloader off

  • Usage: !freeloader off

  • Aliases: end

Toggle freeloader mode off.

freeloader whitelist

  • Usage: !freeloader whitelist <add_or_remove> <users>

Adds or removes managers for your server. <add_or_remove> should be either add to add users or remove to remove users.

freeloader time

  • Usage: !freeloader time <time>

  • Aliases: length

Sets the time length of the tempban. - The length of the ban. Must be entered as a valid integer and must be better 1 and 7 days.

freeloader action

  • Usage: !freeloader action <action>

Set the action to take upon freeloaders that leave the server. Actions can be one of: - Ban - Tempban

freeloader log

  • Usage: !freeloader log [channel=None]

  • Aliases: logchannel

Set the channel where freeloader stats are logged in.

freeloader message

  • Usage: !freeloader message [message]

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