Setup and manage giveaways in your community

giveaway (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway

  • Aliases: gw

Manage the giveaway system

giveaway reroll (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway reroll <msgid>

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway reroll <msgid>

Reroll a giveaway.

giveaway end (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway end <msgid>

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway end <msgid>

End a giveaway.

giveaway info (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway info <msgid>

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway info <msgid>

Information about a giveaway.

giveaway list (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway list

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway list

List all giveaways in the server.

giveaway integrations (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway integrations

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway integrations

Various 3rd party integrations for giveaways.

giveaway explain (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway explain

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway explain

Explanation of giveaway advanced and the arguements it supports.

giveaway entrants (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway entrants <msgid>

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway entrants <msgid>

List all entrants for a giveaway.

giveaway edit (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway edit <msgid> <flags>

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway edit <msgid> <flags>

Edit a giveaway. See !gw explain for more info on the flags.

giveaway advanced (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway advanced <arguments>

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway advanced <arguments>

  • Aliases: adv

Advanced creation of Giveaways. !gw explain for a further full listing of the arguments.

giveaway start (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !giveaway start <channel> <time> <prize>

  • Slash Usage: /giveaway start <channel> <time> <prize>

Start a giveaway. This by default will DM the winner and also DM a user if they cannot enter the giveaway.

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