Support ticket system with multi-panel functionality. Simple, pretty, works well, saves logs for staff.

add (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !add <user>

  • Slash Usage: /add <user>

  • Checks: server_only

Add a user to your ticket

renameticket (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !renameticket <new_name>

  • Slash Usage: /renameticket <new_name>

  • Checks: server_only

Rename your ticket channel

close (Hybrid Command)

  • Usage: !close [reason]

  • Slash Usage: /close [reason]

  • Checks: server_only

Close your ticket Examples !close - closes ticket with no reason attached !close thanks for helping! - closes with reason "thanks for helping!" !close 1h - closes in 1 hour with no reason attached !close 1m thanks for helping! - closes in 1 minute with reason "thanks for helping!"


  • Usage: !tickets

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

  • Aliases: tset

  • Checks: server_only

Base support ticket settings

tickets ticketname

  • Usage: !tickets ticketname <panel_name> <ticket_name>

Set the default ticket channel name for a panel You can include the following in the name {num} - Ticket number {user} - user's name {displayname} - user's display name {id} - user's ID {shortdate} - mm-dd {longdate} - mm-dd-yyyy {time} - hh-mm AM/PM according to bot host system time You can set this to {default} to use default "Ticket-Username

tickets embed

  • Usage: !tickets embed <color> <channel> <title> <description>

Create an embed for ticket panel buttons to be added to

tickets row

  • Usage: !tickets row <panel_name> <row>

Set the row of a panel's button (0 - 4)

tickets addmodal

  • Usage: !tickets addmodal <panel_name> <field_name>

Add a modal field a ticket panel Ticket panels can have up to 5 fields per modal for the user to fill out before opening a ticket. If modal fields are added and have required fields, the user will have to fill them out before they can open a ticket. There is no toggle for modals, if a panel has them it will use them, if they don't then it just opens the ticket When the ticket is opened, it sends the modal field responses in an embed below the ticket message Note field_name is just the name of the field stored in config, it won't be shown in the modal and should not have spaces in it Specify an existing field name to delete a modal field (non-case-sensitive)

tickets maxclaims

  • Usage: !tickets maxclaims <panel_name> <amount>

Set how many staff members can claim/join a ticket before the join button is disabled (If using threads)

tickets selfclose

  • Usage: !tickets selfclose

(Toggle) If users can close their own tickets

tickets interactivetranscript

  • Usage: !tickets interactivetranscript

  • Aliases: intertrans, itrans, and itranscript

(Toggle) Interactive transcripts Transcripts will be an interactive html file to visualize the conversation from your browser.

tickets buttontext

  • Usage: !tickets buttontext <panel_name> <button_text>

Set the button text for a support ticket panel

tickets view

  • Usage: !tickets view

View support ticket settings

tickets cleanup

  • Usage: !tickets cleanup

Cleanup tickets that no longer exist

tickets usethreads

  • Usage: !tickets usethreads <panel_name>

Toggle whether a certain panel uses threads or channels

tickets blacklist

  • Usage: !tickets blacklist <user_or_role>

Add/Remove users or roles from the blacklist Users and roles in the blacklist will not be able to create a ticket

tickets updatemessage

  • Usage: !tickets updatemessage <source> <target>

Update a message with another message (Target gets updated using the source)

tickets addpanel

  • Usage: !tickets addpanel <panel_name>

Add a support ticket panel

tickets buttoncolor

  • Usage: !tickets buttoncolor <panel_name> <button_color>

Set the button color for a support ticket panel

tickets viewmodal

  • Usage: !tickets viewmodal <panel_name>

View/Delete a ticket message for a support ticket panel

tickets selfmanage

  • Usage: !tickets selfmanage

(Toggle) If users can manage their own tickets Users will be able to add/remove others to their support ticket

tickets openrole

  • Usage: !tickets openrole <panel_name> <role>

Add/Remove roles required to open a ticket for a specific panel Specify the same role to remove it

tickets closemodal

  • Usage: !tickets closemodal <panel_name>

Throw a modal when the close button is clicked to enter a reason

tickets category

  • Usage: !tickets category <panel_name> <category>

Set the category ID for a ticket panel

tickets maxtickets

  • Usage: !tickets maxtickets <amount>

Set the max tickets a user can have open at one time of any kind

tickets dm

  • Usage: !tickets dm

(Toggle) The bot sending DM's for ticket alerts

tickets noresponse

  • Usage: !tickets noresponse <hours>

Auto-close ticket if opener doesn't say anything after X hours of opening Set to 0 to disable this If using thread tickets, this translates to the thread's "Hide after inactivity" setting. Your options are: - 1 hour - 24 hours (1 day) - 72 hours (3 days) - 168 hours (1 week) Tickets will default to the closest value you select.

tickets buttonemoji

  • Usage: !tickets buttonemoji <panel_name> <emoji>

Set the button emoji for a support ticket panel

tickets addmessage

  • Usage: !tickets addmessage <panel_name>

Add a message embed to be sent when a ticket is opened You can include any of these in the embed to be replaced by their value when the message is sent {username} - Person's Discord username {mention} - This will mention the user {id} - This is the ID of the user that created the ticket The bot will walk you through a few steps to set up the embed

tickets autoadd

  • Usage: !tickets autoadd

(Toggle) Auto-add support and panel roles to thread tickets Adding a user to a thread pings them, so this is off by default

tickets altchannel

  • Usage: !tickets altchannel <panel_name> <channel>

Set an alternate channel that tickets will be opened under for a panel If the panel uses threads, this needs to be a normal text channel. If the panel uses channels, this needs to be a category. If the panel is a channel type and a channel is used, the bot will use the category associated with the channel. To remove the alt channel, specify the existing one

tickets channel

  • Usage: !tickets channel <panel_name> <channel>

Set the channel ID where a ticket panel is located

tickets logchannel

  • Usage: !tickets logchannel <panel_name> <channel>

Set the logging channel for each panel's tickets

tickets supportrole

  • Usage: !tickets supportrole <role> [mention=False]

Add/Remove ticket support roles (one at a time) Optional: include true for mention to have that role mentioned when a ticket is opened To remove a role, simply run this command with it again to remove it

tickets threadclose

  • Usage: !tickets threadclose

(Toggle) Thread tickets being closed & archived instead of deleted

tickets setuphelp

  • Usage: !tickets setuphelp

Ticket Setup Guide

tickets overview

  • Usage: !tickets overview [channel]

Set a channel for the live overview message The overview message shows all active tickets across all configured panels for a server.

tickets toggle

  • Usage: !tickets toggle <panel_name>

Toggle a panel on/off Disabled panels will still show the button but it will be disabled

tickets viewmessages

  • Usage: !tickets viewmessages <panel_name>

View/Delete a ticket message for a support ticket panel

tickets transcript

  • Usage: !tickets transcript

(Toggle) Ticket transcripts Closed tickets will have their transcripts uploaded to the log channel

tickets priority

  • Usage: !tickets priority <panel_name> <priority>

Set the priority order of a panel's button

tickets panelrole

  • Usage: !tickets panelrole <panel_name> <role> [mention=False]

Add/Remove roles for a specific panel To remove a role, simply run this command with it again to remove it Optional: include true for mention to have that role mentioned when a ticket is opened These roles are a specialized subset of the main support roles. Use this role type if you want to isolate specific groups to a certain panel.

tickets panelmessage

  • Usage: !tickets panelmessage <panel_name> <message>

Set the message ID of a ticket panel Run this command in the same channel as the ticket panel message

tickets modaltitle

  • Usage: !tickets modaltitle <panel_name> [title]

Set a title for a ticket panel's modal

tickets selfrename

  • Usage: !tickets selfrename

(Toggle) If users can rename their own tickets

tickets overviewmention

  • Usage: !tickets overviewmention

Toggle whether channels are mentioned in the active ticket overview

tickets panels

  • Usage: !tickets panels

View/Delete currently configured support ticket panels

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