Check new users with AltDentifier API


  • Usage: !altcheck [member]

  • Restricted to: MOD

  • Checks: server_only

Check a user on AltDentifier.


  • Usage: !altset

  • Restricted to: ADMIN

  • Checks: server_only

Manage AltDentifier Settings.

altset action

  • Usage: !altset action <level> [action=None]

Specify what actions to take when a member joins and has a certain Trust Level. Leave this empty to remove actions for the Level. The available actions are: kick ban role (don't say 'role' for this, pass an actual role)

altset channel

  • Usage: !altset channel [channel=None]

Set the channel to send AltDentifier join checks to. This also works as a toggle, so if no channel is provided, it will disable join checks for this server.

altset unwhitelist

  • Usage: !altset unwhitelist <user_id>

  • Aliases: unwl

Remove a user from the AltDentifier whitelist.

altset whitelist

  • Usage: !altset whitelist <user_id>

  • Aliases: wl

Whitelist a user from AltDentifier actions.

altset settings

  • Usage: !altset settings

View AltDentifier Settings.

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