Guard users from malicious links and phishing attempts with customizable protection options.


  • Usage: !checkphish [url=None]

  • Aliases: checkforphish, checkscam, checkforscam, and checkphishing

Check if a url is a phishing scam. You can either provide a url or reply to a message containing a url.


  • Usage: !antiphishing

  • Aliases: antiphish

  • Checks: server_only

Settings to configure phishing protection in this server.

antiphishing action

  • Usage: !antiphishing action <action>

Choose the action that occurs when a user sends a phishing scam. Options: ignore - Disables phishing protection notify - Alerts in channel when malicious links detected (default) delete - Deletes the message kick - Delete message and kick sender ban - Delete message and ban sender (recommended)

antiphishing stats

  • Usage: !antiphishing stats

Check protection statistics for this server

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