Create user reports that server staff can respond to.

Report system Members can type [p]report <user> <reason> and it'll show up in your selected channel!


  • Usage: !reportdm

  • Cooldown: 1 per 15.0 seconds

  • Checks: server_only

Enables/Disables the messages the bot sends on report By default this changes depending on your current setting.


  • Usage: !report <member> <reason>

  • Cooldown: 2 per 15.0 seconds

  • Checks: server_only

Report a member Example: !report @SharkyTheKing#0001 Not being fishy enough. Arguments: member: The Discord member you want to report reason: The reason for the report


  • Usage: !reportset

  • Restricted to: MOD

Manage reports system

reportset channel

  • Usage: !reportset channel <channel>

Sets the channel where reports will be posted into

reportset list

  • Usage: !reportset list

Displays report settings

reportset emotes

  • Usage: !reportset emotes <toggle>

Sets it whether the bot automatically puts reactions for each report sent Up is confirming it's a valid report Down is confirming it's not a valid report Question means you're unsure of the report or are in question of it X means it's been too long to look into

reportset reportclaim

  • Usage: !reportset reportclaim <toggle>

Toggle report to be claimed. If this is toggled on, any reaction on any reports is immediately claimed by the moderator.

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